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Muscimol Biotech

Muscimol Isolate Powder

Muscimol Isolate Powder

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Muscimol isolate powder is an ideal choice for those looking for an isolated delight. With high purity, the powder lets you access the highest possible concentrations of muscimol. Enjoy a chemical purity you won't find from any other source.

+97% Muscimol, 970mg Muscimol per 1g Amanita Extract. $70,000 | 1 kilo

Our High Purity Muscimol Isolate Powder is easy to use as a concentrated active ingredient in transdermal applications. The crystal powder can be mixed into water-based products during the production phase, and remain stable for over one year. Each micro-dosed product you produce will be consistent every time. Competitor products can have up to a 300% difference in potency, depending on the strain and how they are harvested, dried and aged. 

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    At Gummygang, quality isn't an option, it's our obsession. We take complete control, from seed to sale, to ensure you experience the purest, most potent gummies available.  We proudly source our ingredients from select farms committed to sustainable,  responsible practices. This ensures clean, high-quality raw materials for exceptional products.


    We're obsessed with quality. That's why consistency is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage the power of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and meticulous Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within a FDA-registered facility. Our unwavering commitment guarantees that every single batch you receive meets the industry's strictest standards for potency, safety, and consistency.