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Gummy Gang

Gummy Gang Mushroom Model Collectibles

Gummy Gang Mushroom Model Collectibles

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Sprout a Miniature Forest with These Adorable Simulation Fungi by Gummy Gang!

Bring the wonder of the woodland indoors with these realistic figurine models of Matsutake and Pleurotus Eryngii mushrooms! Perfect for nature lovers, miniaturists, and playful minds, these detailed figures capture the charm of these popular fungi.

Unleash your imagination:

  • Create enchanting miniature landscapes: Use these figurines to populate fairy gardens, terrariums, or dollhouse scenes, crafting tiny worlds teeming with natural beauty.
  • Spark curiosity and learning: Introduce children to the wonders of the natural world through these realistic and engaging models, inspiring a love for science and exploration.
  • Build your own miniature collection: Start with these two popular mushrooms and expand your collection with other fungi varieties to create a diverse and fascinating miniature forest.

Quality you can see and feel:

  • Handcrafted with care: Each figurine is meticulously crafted with high-quality, durable materials, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Realistic details: From the intricate texture of the caps to the subtle variations in color, these models capture the true essence of their real-life counterparts.
  • Compact and versatile: Small enough to fit in various miniature displays, these figurines offer endless possibilities for creative storytelling and imaginative play.

More than just toys, these figurines are:

  • Educational tools: Inspire a love for nature and spark curiosity about the fascinating world of fungi.
  • Decorative accents: Add a touch of whimsy and natural charm to your home or workspace.
  • Unique gifts: Delight nature enthusiasts, miniature collectors, and playful minds of all ages.

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product description

Products have passed 3C/CE certification. Exported to Germany high-quality simulation models looks good and feels high grade! The selected materials are ABS green environmental protection materials! Tasteless and harmless! Each model is individually colored by hand, even if the two models are the same, there will be a slight difference in color distribution! The surface texture of the model is clear and the shape is realistic!

Packing method : bagged

Product size : a variety of optional, see the details (manual measurement, slight error)

Product material : plastic material

Product function : Static solid Fungi Plant model

Maintenance method : Wipe with water, do not expose to the sun

[Product color]: Due to display problems, there is a slight color difference, if you have any questions, please contact customer service

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    At Gummygang, quality isn't an option, it's our obsession. We take complete control, from seed to sale, to ensure you experience the purest, most potent gummies available.  We proudly source our ingredients from select farms committed to sustainable,  responsible practices. This ensures clean, high-quality raw materials for exceptional products.


    We're obsessed with quality. That's why consistency is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage the power of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and meticulous Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) within a FDA-registered facility. Our unwavering commitment guarantees that every single batch you receive meets the industry's strictest standards for potency, safety, and consistency.