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Gummy Gang

Gummy Gang LED Face Mask

Gummy Gang LED Face Mask

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Unleash Your Inner Light with the Gummy Gang Programmable LED Face Mask!

Transform your look and express yourself in dazzling new ways with the Programmable LED Face Mask!

More than just a mask, it's a canvas for your creativity:

  • Dazzling light shows: Create stunning displays with 115 pre-programmed patterns or program your own unique designs using the Bluetooth app.
  • Endless possibilities: Choose from a spectrum of vibrant RGB colors to match your mood, costume, or event theme.
  • Become the center of attention: Stand out from the crowd at parties, cosplay events, concerts, or simply light up your everyday life.

Experience the magic of technology and self-expression:

  • Easy customization: The user-friendly app allows you to control colors, patterns, and animations with ease.
  • Comfortable and lightweight: Designed for extended wear, the mask features breathable fabric and adjustable straps.
  • Safety first: Made with high-quality materials and certified for safe use.

The Programmable LED Face Mask is perfect for:

  • Cosplay enthusiasts: Bring your characters to life with dazzling light effects.
  • Partygoers: Make a statement and be the life of the party.
  • Musicians and performers: Enhance your stage presence with electrifying visuals.
  • Anyone who wants to express themselves creatively: Unleash your inner artist and shine bright!

High Power

The Led mask adopts high-gloss 2074 lamp beads and 2121 RGB LED lamp beads with clear patterns and can run for 12-16 hours after charging.

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    At Gummygang, quality isn't an option, it's our obsession. We take complete control, from seed to sale, to ensure you experience the purest, most potent gummies available.  We proudly source our ingredients from select farms committed to sustainable,  responsible practices. This ensures clean, high-quality raw materials for exceptional products.


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